Movie Programs

Movies! We all love them! Especially when they’re free!


The library I work at has a movie license through Movie Licensing USA, which has a nifty search feature that shows what movies can be shown at X location.

Choosing the movie can be difficult. From experience I’ve found that screening movies that have just released get more people in the library program than movies that have been out for a few years. Also due to the rising costs of movie tickets and large amount of movies being shown at a time, a free screening at the library doesn’t sound that bad.

Promoting is essential. Get that promotion out there! Plan the dates around school breaks or after school. Screen the movie around a special date. In July of this year, I screen Jaws (PG-13) during Shark Week! Surprisingly a handful of people were there but because they know that hey, you’re showing a free movie and it’s around this occasion, maybe you’ll do it again next year!

Two movies that surprised me in having a large crowd, many children, were Iron Man (PG-13) and Captain America: Civil War (PG-13). Parents/caregivers were present but it struck me interested that children, some as young as 6 were glued to the movies without making a sound. Understandably, both movies are part of Marvel which is owned by Disney. There are also children books and toys with these same characters. Are kids growing up fast or is the understanding that “this is a movie” with their favorite characters has reached its zenith?

Keep on going~

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A librarian in Hawaii who may be a bit obsessed with tea, cute stationary, graphic novels, and video games. The comments in this blog are my own personal opinions/reflections/reviews and do not reflect the opinions/views of the library I work for.

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  1. Depending on what makes the PG-13 content “PG-13,” it seems like some parents don’t care/mind … e.g. fantasy violence usually will get a pass, especially superhero movies. As you pointed out, some series/characters can be found in media aimed at all ages: e.g. you have everything from LEGO Batman, animated Batman series, the classic t.v. show with Adam West, all the way to Gotham and the more intense/darker graphic novels …

    Another thing that I tried doing was pairing a small craft or activity with a movie. This seemed to work well with animated films such as “Secret Life of Pets” (origami animals) and “Moana” (woven palm frond fish). Still not sure if it’s because I paired a craft with it or that it was more family friendly films than that library had shown that made it higher attendance events. =)


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