Reader’s Advisory: Advisory on the Past

Note: This isn’t an R.A. post on books about the past. I found a treasure chest and I’m currently wondering what to do with it.


I’ve been focused on creating new booklists that I forgot about the ones that I currently have. I have a 5 inch binder full of booklists and reader’s advisory notes going back to 1986 (or more, I’m still looking through it). The archivist in me is super excited with this find! Yes, I want to keep it because hey, it could be useful in the future.

However… It is a very large binder. I haven’t used it nor have I seen others use it. Is it due to the size and weight? I’ve been keeping the booklists I’ve made in a separate binder. Seeing this, it seems redundant to have.

I’m wondering about scanning the papers and having them online but… It feels like the same as having the binder but not reading it.

I’m thinking 10 years? Maybe I’ll go with 5 years and update from there. That way the binder will be compact, light, easy to handle and with up-to-date information!